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Jay Ushin Limited

Jay Ushin Ltd belongs to the remarkable industrial conglomerate of JPM Group. This group has been an epitome of professionalism, quality and efficiency for 60 years now and Jay Ushin has furthered the tradition of pursuing excellence.
We pride ourselves in continuously bettering our Design Capabilities, Process Improvements, Productivity and Value Engineering. These tenets have been the force behind our success for last three decades.

  • ‘First Time Right’ philosophy helps us reject faulty parts.
  • Removal of any performance issues arising due to faulty parts.
  • Investment in latest designing software to remove time delays.
  • 1600 skilled employees.
  • 7 manufacturing plants.
  • TS 16949 standard.

Jay Ushin’s has invested in a vast range of facilities. A broad mention of the same is as follows:

  • Product and Tool Design
  • Tool Room
  • Production Engineering
  • Die Casting Machines
  • Injection Moulding Machines
  • Press Shop
  • Assembly
  • Test Lab
  • Welding

In addition to above, Jay Ushin also has the following design equipments to deliver high quality products to its clients:

  • Ideas
  • Visicam
  • Catia v5
  • Unigraphics
  • Pro-Engineer
  • Solid Edge
  • UG-NX 9.0
  • Autocad

For Stamping, Moulding and Die-Casting, we have following facilities in place:

  • CNC Vertical Machines Centre.
  • CNC Wire Cut Machines.
  • EDM Machines.

We also have facilities of Tool Development for Press, Die Casting and Moulding.
We have a concentrated strength of 26 machines in Pressure Die Casting domain and we produce it in the following capacities:

  • 25 tonnes
  • 50 tonnes
  • 150 tonnes
  • 350 Tonnes Mgn
  • 24 MPX

The same also holds true for our Injection Moulding facilities at Gurgaon, Manesar, Khandsa and Manesar. We have 106 machines to deliver the results in this domain with following machine tonnages:

  • 20 tonnes to 90 tonnes.
  • 100 tonnes to 180 tonnes.
  • 250 tonnes to 450 tonnes.

Press Shops form an integral part of our strategic developments and we have 11 machines in the department with a Press force of 10 tonnes to 315 tonnes.

We also manufacture Keys from Italian machines and they fall in the 2 and 4 track key bitting formats. We have a total of 6 machines that deliver standardised results to our clientele.

We have dedicated Assembly Lines for every product that we manufacture. This ensures isolation and insulation of one process from another. This also helps in reducing machine errors, human errors and ensures proper coordination between the different stages of work.

Testing Facilities:

Since we are a technology and quality-driven business conglomerate, it is imperative for us to deliver high quality product everytime to our clients. As such, we have following Testing Facilities installed in our plants:

  • Tensile Testing.
  • Hardness Testing.
  • Vibration Testing.
  • Dust Chamber.
  • Water Spray Chamber.
  • Salt Spray.
  • Hot and Cold Chamber with Humidity Control.
  • Thermal Shock Testing.

In addition to the above, we have the following, tests in place:

Feeling Test:
  • X and Y Plotter (Linear movement).
  • Torque and Angle recorder (Rotary movement).
SPMs for Durability Testing.

  • Joint Venture with Ushin Ltd., Japan since 1986.
  • Produces quality-centred automotive industry-specific parts.
  • Includes Security Systems, Switches, Body parts and miscellaneous heat controlling accessories.

Powered by the latest Japanese technologies, Jay Ushin makes the following products for its clients:
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In order to explore more options concerning our Products Range, Quarterly Results, Annual Reports, Unclaimed Dividends, Corporation Governance,
Policy and Guidelines and Code of Conduct,
Please follow this link:
 Annual reports       Code of conduct       Corporation Governance       Policy and Guidelines       Quarterly Results     Unclaimed dividend.     Shareholding Pattern.

 Jay Ushin Annual Report 2016 View PDF

 Jay Ushin Notice AGM 2016 View PDF

 Audited Financial Results for the year ended March 31, 2016 View PDF

 Report of Scrutinizer (Poll & E-Vote) 2015 View PDF

 Twenty Nineth Annual Report 2014-2015 View PDF

 AGM Notice, Proxy & Attendence 2015 View PDF

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The Company's Corporate Governance Principles uphold its standing at the forefront of corporate governance best practice. The Company continues to
review its corporate governance practices to ensure that they continue to reflect domestic and international developments to position itself to conform to
the best corporate governance practices. It takes feedback into account in its periodic reviews of the guidelines to ensure their continuing relevance,
effectiveness and responsiveness to the needs of investors and all other stakeholders.


The Company's corporate governance practices focus on the following main principles:
1. To establish an effective mechanism for overseeing the affairs, keeping in view the Company's size and geographical operations, the Company's framework
is designed to:

  • the Board to provide strategic guidance for the Company and effective overseeing of the management
  • Sefine the respective roles and responsibilities of senior executives and officers
  • Ensure a balance of authority such that no single individual has unfettered powers.
2. To ensure effectiveness of the Board, facilitating efficient discharge of duties and adding value in the context of the Company's circumstances. The Board
periodically reviews its composition and size for ensuring a strong element of independence and commitment. The Directors are elected by the shareholders.
However, the Board plays an important role in the selection of candidates for shareholders' approval. The Company's policy does not prescribe any term limit
for Directors.
3. To ensure the truthful and factual presentation of the Company's financial position, the Company has put in place a structure of review and authorisation
apart from internal audit process. For this purpose, the Board has also constituted an Audit Committee, which is paying particular attention to the management
processes supporting external reporting, the performance and objectivity of the internal audit function, and the performance and independence of the external
4. To give investors an equal and timely access to material information, and to ensure that Company announcements are factual, balanced and in compliance with
the applicable provisions of law.
5. To ensure long term shareholder value creation and to promote shareholder participation in corporate affairs, the Company has established and maintained
communication strategies, including a policy for clarity in notices of meetings.
6. To establish and maintain a system of risk management and internal control, the Company has set up a policy, which includes a review of the risk management
system, and maintenance of a risk profile (both financial and non financial risks). Audit Committee of the Board oversees the risk management and internal control
7. To ensure consistent effectiveness of the overall management, the performance of the senior executives and officers is subject to review. This includes equipping
individuals with the knowledge and information they need to discharge their responsibilities effectively, and reviewing individual and collective performance regularly.
8. The Company has adopted a remuneration policy that attracts and maintains talented and motivated executives so as to encourage enhanced performance of the
Company and the overall corporate performance.
Remuneration of managing and whole time directors is determined by the Remuneration Committee of Directors within the permissible limits under the applicable
provisions of law and is approved by Shareholders. Non Executive Directors are paid sitting fees within the limits prescribed under law.
9. The Company has a defined policy framework for ethical business conduct by its personnel. The Company believes that any business conduct can be ethical only
when it rests on the nine core values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Purposefulness, Trust, Responsibility, Citizenship and Caring. We are committed to an
ethical treatment of all our stakeholders - our employees, our customers, our environment, our shareholders, our lenders and other investors, our suppliers and the
Government. A firm belief that every Company team member holds is that the other persons' interests count as much as their own.
The Code of Ethics and the Business Policies are in alignment with the Company's Values and Commitments. Each employee should conduct the Company's business
with integrity, in compliance with applicable laws.
10. The Insider trading is prohibited.
11. The Company established an elaborate Ethics Management and Compliance Organisation / Process to underscore our commitment to ethical conduct throughout our Company. It is a key part of a vigorous corporate-wide effort to promote a positive and ethical work environment.

 Code of Conduct View PDF

 Terms and Conditions of appointment of Independent Directors View PDF

 Related Party Transaction Policy View PDF

 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy View PDF

 Whistle Blower Policy View PDF

 Unaudited Financial Results for the Quarter ended September 2016 View PDF

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 Unaudited Financial Results for the Quarter ended March 31, 2014 View PDF

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 Unpaid dividend 2013-14 View PDF

 Unpaid dividend 2012-13 View PDF

 Unpaid dividend 2010-11 View PDF

 Unpaid dividend 2009-10 View PDF

 Unpaid dividend 2008-09 View PDF

 Unpaid dividend 2007-08 View PDF

 Jay Ushin Shareholding QE Decenber 2015 View PDF

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