J P Minda


We have come a long way, on account of our hard work and firm belief in our values. Our determination and drive to achieve new milestones are an undeniable proof of our resolve.

Over the past 6 decades, we have kept a focussed and futuristic view point for the consistent advancement in our capacity and capabilities. Our astute faith in working hard and never giving up, until one has “found butter in churned milk” has been the driving force behind all our accomplishments.

Our Philosophy

Even though a lot has changed over the last 6 decades, the business environment, technology and customer needs, what has not changed is our guiding philosophy–“the customer is always right and is pretty much the axis of JPM Group’s ecosystem.” It’s imperative to recognize that understanding and delivering according to their requirements should be taken utmost seriously.

Our aim has always been to focus on complete customer satisfaction, thus ensuring that they have a rewarding experience working with us. We believe a customer will always come back if he finds value in doing business with us both in terms of Quality and Timeliness.

Our Growth Story

Our story and success so far is a testament to the fact that we have recognised the trends and worked towards making the best of any situation we have faced. An interesting account of this was an opportunity we saw many years ago. One of our esteemed clients, an automotive major was facing some issues with importing combination switches– something which wasn’t manufactured in India at that time and it took an enormous amount of time to obtain an import license for Mechanical spares. The representatives from the company approached us and we assured them of our best endeavours to resolve the issue. JPM Group accepted the challenge and ultimately made those switches for the company. Success happens when ambition and hardwork meet opportunity.

Ever since, we have been watching industry trends, looking for new opportunities in terms of product lines, processes and new industry verticals. We continue to march forward with a full focus on customer satisfaction.

The Future

With our feet firmly planted on the ground, we ambitiously look forward to a sky of unexplored opportunities and challenges. With our core values of customer focus and quality to guide us, JPM group is strategically placed with our varied business lines to meet the ever expanding demand of the customers and markets and we are poised to grow along with the growth of our nation and economy.