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Lizer Cylinders Limited

Established in 2006, Lizer Cylinders is a significant arm of JPM Industries that manufactures high pressure gas cylinders as per industry standards.


We are focussed on quality and customer satisfaction. In order to ensure consistent quality of products manufactured from here, it is necessary to have a benchmark to adhere to. 
As such we follow IS 15490: 2004, ISO 11439: 2000 (E), NZS 5454: 1989, ISO 9809-1: 1999 (E), ECR 110, BS EN 1964 – 1 and IS 7285 (Part 2): 2004 standards.


Owing to the rich tradition of work ethics of its parent entity (JPM Group), Lizer Cylinders too has furthered it by installing some of the best facilities available across the nation today. Some of them are listed below:

  • CNG on board
  • CNG
  • Beverages
  • Scuba Diving
  • Fire Fighting
  • Medical Gases
  • Industrial Gases
a.) Assembly Lines:

We have dedicated Assembly Lines for every product that we manufacture. This ensures and insulation of one process from another. This also helps in reducing machine errors, human errors and ensures proper coordination between the different stages of work.

b.) Testing Facilities:

Since we are a technology and quality-driven business conglomerate, it is imperative for us to deliver high quality product everytime to our clients. we have the following testing facilities installed in our plant:

c.) Approval Tests:

In order to provide only the best quality products to our clients, we have put in place the following approval tests:

  • Material Tests: Chemical analysis, tensile, yield, percentage
  • Elongation, impact and sulfide stress cracking resistance test. 
  • Pressure cycling test
  • Hydrostatic pressure burst test
  • Leak before break (LBB) test
  • Bonfire test
  • Penetration test
In addition to them, we also have Quality Assurance tests:
The following are performed on every cylinder:
  1. Hardness test
  2. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection test
  3. Hydraulic Volumetric Expansion / Proof Pressure test
  4. Leakage test


Lizer Cylinders is an IS 15490: 2004 and ISO 11439: 2000 (E) certified business entity that caters to wide range of CNG Cylinders for its esteemed clientele. Our manufacturing plant is situated in Kandla SEZ, Gujarat with a combined strength of 200 employees to deliver quality driven products.


Lizer Cylinders makes some of the best quality-driven and cost-effective CNG Cylinders for its esteemed clientele.


Lizer Cylinders Limited
Plot No 377-382, 386-309 and 437 – A,
Sec IX, Kasez, Gandhidham 370230,
Kutch, Gujrat
Email: contact@jpmgroup.co.in