Lithium battery

JATL is come-up with complete range of lithium batteries for various applications such as electric vehicles, solar street lights, UPS, Inverters, Telecommunication, IT and Industries.
JPM Lithium batteries for each segment are designed specifically for the unique nature of its application. These high performing batteries are the most cost-efficient option available.Initially LFP batteries offered by JPM for various applications are 2 Series, 3 Series and 4 Series batteries for Inverter & E-Rickshaw.
JPM Lithium batteries are fast. They can be fast charged completely, and can handle ultra-fast charging up to 1C (a full charge in 1 hour). Lead acid can only be fast-charged up to 80% after which charging current drops dramatically.
In addition, JPM lithium batteries maintain excellent performance under discharge rates.
There are also no memory issues, discharge and charge the battery at any point without consequence.
We offer you the best power and green energy solutions to meet your various requirements.
We never compromise on quality so that you can enjoy the products worth the value of your money.


  • Cost effective : Despite of higher upfront cost competent due to high efficiency, longer life, low operational cost, less volume etc.
  • Environment friendly : No emission of fumes.
  • Greater Depth of Discharge : 80% against 50-60% in lead acid batteries.
  • Longer life : 2000 cycles v/s 700 cycles.
  • Faster charging : 3 Hr required compare to 10 charging for lead acid battery.
  • Light weight : 13kg v/s 40 kg.
  • Zero maintenance : clean and airy ambience is enough.
  • Compact size : 313 x 1255 x 285mm v/s 502 x 191 x 440mm.
  • More efficient : 99% efficiency compare to 80-90% for lead acid battery.
  • Space saver : Can be placed / wall mounted anywhere while lead acid battery needs dedicated space.
  • Safer : No use of acids, out of reach of kids due to wall mounting.
  • Thermal stability : Degradation above 45°C while in lead acid battery it starts from 25°C.

Technical Specifications:
Model JPM-15000LFP) JPM-18000LFP
Nominal Voltage 12.8V 12.8V
Battery Capacity - Equivalent to Lead Acid 150Ah 180Ah
Recommended Continuous Charge Current 24A 30A
Recommended Continuous Discharge Current 24A 30A
Connectivity Bluetooth for monitoring
Balance function Balanced starting voltage
Protections Bluetooth for monitoring
Balanced starting voltage
Balance current (at 3.5V)
Under Voltage Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Over current in charging
Over current in discharging
Over Temp. Charging
Under Voltage Charging
Over Temp. Discharging
Under Voltage Discharging
Short Circuit
Reverse Charger Polarity
Low SOC protection
Cell unbalance protection