Keyless Entry

Jay Ushin and JNJ Electronics acknowledge the absolute and highly practical use of Keyless Entries for your automotives in very hot or very cold weather. This unique function uses the remote start feature to allow the vehicle to be powered on from a distance to allow the vehicle to warm up, without requiring any further human intervention.
This feature is integrated into all our new keyless entry remotes. We make a wide range of quality- driven and cost-effective Keyless Entry System for most major Indian and overseas automotive manufacturers. Since this product is deeply concerned with ensuring the safety of your car, we have made it as robust and secure as possible. These keyless entries only operate via a serial number that is transmitted through an ID transmitter and is received and decoded at the other end by an appropriate ID receiver. Both these sensors then together match the decoded ID mark and if it matches, the automobile’s central system responds by a ‘beep.’

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